Finance has always been a viable undertaking where the knowledge and prudent utilization of monetary and fiscal resources facilitate the fruition of innovations and developments not only in business and commerce but in other endeavors as well. This absorbing aspect of the field has inspired me to enter the milieu and eventually be part of the global financial mechanism that changes the facets of life. As a result of my wanting to know more about the intricacies of finance, I endeavored to earn a double major in Finance and Supply Chain Management at one of the United States’ leading universities, Texas A&M University. The road to university was not easy considering as an international student hailing from Saudi Arabia; I have to have the wherewithal especially in terms of academic achievements to be able to face the rigors of university life. Fortunately, I have always been a high achiever primarily with the high grades I earned while in high school. Having a high scholastic standing during high school qualified me for a in the United States.

During my tenure at university, I worked doubly hard earning Dean’s List status four times and graduating as a Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.95. The hard work at university paved the way to again earn graduate studies scholarship in the United States. The opportunity will allow me to gain more knowledge in finance and enable me to graduate with advanced understanding of the field. Continuing my graduate studies in the United States will mean a continuance of my global education necessary to be able to work in a globalize world. The insights learned therein will be a mastery of concepts and principles of finance and the global business world where I will be able to apply when I become a professional practitioner of finance.

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Utilization of Monetary and Fiscal Resources
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I cannot say that my knowledge in finance rests mostly in my learning from the halls of the academe; rather I have had the opportunity to of which when I worked for two years at my father’s real estate business in Saudi Arabia. The experience has proven to be a real world confirmation of what I want to do in my professional life. I was charged with , modeling, forecasting and transactions. While doing so, I knew I have found my niche in life and need only gain both theoretical training and further real world experiences to become the best I can be in my chosen field. Once I have completed my graduate studies in Finance, I intend to apply for work at in international finance and trade. This will enable me to apply knowledge learnt in undergraduate and graduate studies. Graduating from two prestigious institutions in the United States will accord me the opportunity to practice anywhere in the world since I have had the global education necessary. It will be a different world since I would have left the secure confines of the academe and enter the real world and real life of finance. But I know I would be prepared since I have met the requirements, with honors in undergraduate studies and hopefully the same in my master’s program.

In the same manner as how I chose to enter the Texas A&M University because of the excellent finance program the institution offers, I am applying for graduate studies admission at [PUT NAME OF INSTITUTION HERE] because of the high standard and global context of the institute’s finance master’s program. I have proven my mettle in hurdling to the rigors of university life with honors and I am now prepared to do the same in my graduate studies.