Transporation in the Supply Chain

Transportation in the Supply Chain

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Transporation in the Supply Chain Case Study
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Brinkmann Grill

The company chosen for this project is Brinkmann, a grill manufacturer. This upstream supply chain consists of a variety of raw materials, including various plastics, porcelain, iron, stainless steel, paper, cardboard and other such materials. Suppliers according to the final design required by Brinkmann manufacture the raw materials used. Brinkmann packages them but the end consumer performs the assembly.

The extended enterprise supply chain consists of all suppliers back to the raw materials. The OEM manufacturers of the different parts must contract with raw materials suppliers in order to receive the materials that they need to create the different components of the Brinkmann grills. This means that for Brinkmann to have a fully-optimized supply chain, it must know that its suppliers are going to have fully- optimized supply chains of their own.

The materials are produced by creating the final material, and then using moldings to create the necessary shape for the final part.The reality is that many of the raw materials that go into a Brinkmann grill might not come from the U.S. At all, nor may many of the constituent parts. The basic minerals and paper products are produced all over the world. There does not appear to be any bottlenecks — no supply shortages have been identified and all inputs are common.

Downstream, the company sells via a number of retail channels. It ships boxes containing finished but unassembled grills, which aside from display models are assembled by the end consumer. The grills are typically trucked to the retailer, as most of the retailers are large and run their own logistics. There are some distributors used in the downstream supply chain as well.

The EESC diagram for Brinkmann grills is as follows:


i) Outdoor grill mode

ii) Uniflame

iii) Wiring diagram of Blazn grill

iv) Stainless steel Rotisserie grill


This involves the conveyance of goods or passengers by the use of wheeled vehicles that are specifically designed to run along railways or rail roads. This mode of transport is rapid, efficient when it comes to energy use but at the same time it is capital intensive as a mechanized mode of land transportation. Trains are quite heavy and therefore it is an appropriate means of transport for brinkmans grill especially for the raw materials and final products since they products are relatively heavy hence can be easily carried by the use of rail. Therefore, for a particular volume as well as heavy equipment shipping as well as transport the movement of railroads is cost effective. Over the years super load rail shipping has been termed as being safe, more dependable and quite quick.

Inland waterways

This is the movement of cargo inland and through intracostal waterways by barge. Inland water transport routes have been developed along existing rivers, waterways, canals. Around 14% of the bulk movement of commerce within the United States moves throughbarge. Three major types of barge are used on the inland as well as intracoasatal waterways. These are an open hopper, one covered by dry cargo and tank barge. In Brinkmann two types of barge are used which are the tank barge and thecovered dry cargo barge.

This mode of transport is quite effective since its manatainance cost is less compared to corresponding costs of road or rail. The most important factor about this mode of transport is the fact that it provides service that is environmentally friendly.

Ocean transportation

This is a method of transport that involves carrying of people or goods using large boats, ships or snail boats across water bodies like oceans and seas.The main purpose of this means of transport can be commercial or leisure. Large cargo ships and barges are what are mostly used by Brinkmans grill industry. The raw materials are mostly got from all over the world and since they are heavy, they are easily transported in containers over the ocean. The finished products after assembly are also very heavy hence, they are transported to other countries through the ocean. This mode of transport is relatively cheaper as compared to other modes of transport.


This consists of picking freight up from one place and delivering it to another mainly across several states. All the goods that are to be sold will be on the truck at one point hence the OTR trucking companies always ensure that the goods are available to the consumer and in time. Unlike other modes of transport, OTR has so much flexibility since it can be able to deliver products to an inner city location or even a rural facility. Other modes of transport therefore depend on OTR top deliver products to these inner locations for pick up and final delivery.OTR is therefore very efficient in Brinkmann Grill since it is used to deliver the product to retail outlets where they will be sold to final consumers.

For a distribution company, forecasting is important because the company wants to minimize inventory, as inventory is costly. Furthermore, any unsold inventory might have to be liquidated at a loss or severely reduced profit. Specifically, forecasting is to ensure that 100% of inventory is sold at a full price, and that there is a no excess inventory that is unsold. Forecasting is also used to reduce the inventory turnover. The more accurate the forecast, the better the company’s performance on these two metrics will be. Proper forecast will help in choosing an appropriate means of transport that will be useful when it comes to delivering particular goods at a particular time.