Window 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate is the powerful and most versatile edition of the Window 7. The Window 7 Ultimate combines the remarkable aspects and easy-to-use of the Window 7 Home Premium and Window 7 Professional. Typically, the Window 7 Ultimate is able to support the MUI (Multilingual User Interface) packages, UNIX application as well as the BitLocker Drive Encryption. More importantly, Window 7 Ultimate will assist a user to be productive anywhere as well as enhancing security control and streamlined PC management. While Window 7 Ultimate offers all the features that Window 7 offers, however, Window 7 Ultimate offers additional features, which include:

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The capabilities of Widow Ultimate are as follow:

Window 7 Ultimate supports the x86-64 processor architecture,

Capability to enhance fast networking for media-sharing

Ability to connect wireless devices,

Ability to provide the network and sharing center.

Physical Memory

The physical memory (RAM) of Window 7 Ultimate is divided into two versions, which include the 32 bits and 64 bits. The physical memory limit for the Window 7 Ultimate 32-bits is 4 GB. However, the capability of the Window Ultimate 64-bit is up to 192 GB. Unlike the Window 7 Home, which its limits is 16 GB, the capacities of Window 7 Ultimate reach 192 GB.


The Window 7 Ultimate also has capacity to support the physical processor of 2 in a PC (Personal Computer).

2: Usefulness of Window 7 Ultimate as Business and Network Grow

Unlike the Window 7 Home, the Window 7 Ultimate will be very useful for Mr. Green as the business and network grow. Some of the capabilities for the growing business and networking are as follows:

DirectAccess: The features assist a user to deliver a more secured connection to the corporate network over the internet.

Backup & Restore: Backup to Network: The Window 7 Ultimate will assist Mr. Green to create the back up files that he could rely on in case of artificial or natural disaster that could wipe up all the data.

Remote Desktop Host: this feature will assist Mr. Green to access system remotely with the Window 7 Ultimate, and this is possible using RDP (remote desktop) client.

Encrypting File System: The Window 7 Ultimate is loaded with the encrypting file system that could assist Mr. Green to protect the files against unauthorized user. As the business and network is growing, this is the time hackers will be interested in the business. A sophisticated hacker could interfere with an organizational information system to steal sensitive information. Thus, the Window 7 Ultimate protects the file systems through encryption and the encrypting system will be used to protect the entire file in the systems.

Offline Folders: The Window 7 Ultimate contains offline folder that makes server data available when a user is offline and not connected to the network.

BitLocker-to-Go & BitLocker: This is integrated with the encryption system that would assist Mr. Green to protect his data from an unauthorized access. These features also provide the external drives and storage devices that Mr. Green could use for additional storage facilities.

: This device would assist Mr. Green to create and manage virtual disks. The Window 7 Ultimate also has the ability to create the and Enterprise Search Scopes that assist a user to search contents on the intranet. (Pennsylvania State University, 2011).

3. Installation of Windows 7 Ultimate

The Gantt chart below provides the installation process for Windows 7 Ultimate.

4. Explanation of the Most Efficient Method to install Windows 7 Ultimate

The most efficient methods that would assist Mr. Green to install Window 7 Ultimate are as follows:

First Mr. Green should load the Window 7 Ultimate DVD and wait until it loads the set up files.

Language, Time dialogue and Currency format will appear on the screen. Starting the Window will appear and the next step is to select the Language, time and currency format. Mr. Green should also select Keyboard input method and Click Next.

Next, the Install Now will appear on the screen. Click Install Now.

On the screen, Click I accept the license term and Click Next.

On the screen, Upgrade will appear. Since Mr. Green has not yet installed Window 7 Ultimate, and he should skip this step,

After this, the Installation of the Window wizard will appear, and Click Next To continue,

On the screen, these features will appear:

1. Copying Window files

2. Expanding Window files

3. Installing features

4. Installing updates

5. Completing Installation.

The devices above will be installed automatically and the window will show mark sign after installing each of the devices,

After all these are completely installed, the Window will restart automatically.

After restating, the installation is completed and,

The word “set up is preparing for your computer for the first use” will appear,

Next, Window 7 Ultimate will appear on the screen,

Put username and password to protect the data in the system,

Then, type the Window key and click Next

Select the desire update to protect the computer,

Then, select computer current location of your network,

Window 7 Ultimate is finally installed and Window will finalizing the setting,

Finally, the desktop icon will appear on the Window.

5. Window 7 Ultimate deliver a powerful networking advantages for a user. This project chooses the Window 7 Ultimate for Mr. Green based on the powerful advantages that Window 7 Ultimate will deliver to the business of Mr. Green. By choosing the Window 7 Ultimate, Mr. Green will be able to enjoy the following business advantages:

First, Mr. Green will enjoy 24-hour network connection without failure.

Moreover, the Window 7 Ultimate will enhance effective communication for the business of Mr. Green,

The Window 7 Ultimate will deliver effective and efficient security protocol for the business of Mr. Green.

6. Features of Window that would provide the Added Functionality

There are integrated features in the Window 7 Ultimate that would provide the added network advantages for Mr. Green. First, the offline folder will make the server available 24-hour and this system will assist Mr. Green Staff to share files even when network is not available or when the network goes down. The Enterprise Search Scopes will also assist Mr. Green to search contents on the intranet.

The Window 7 Ultimate also contains the Group Policy Objects (GPOs) that would assist an IT administrator to shut down the button, and log off a user from his account. It is also possible for an IT administer to disable the GPOs. Thus, the Backup & Restore and Backup to Network will assist the IT administrator to create back up files that would assist the company IT administrator to address the problem in case of troubleshooting.

7. Types of Migration Strategies

Phased migration, virtualized migration systems, and Zero-Downtime migration should be used in this scenario. The phased migration is the most popular migration used within the IT environment. A phased migration will allow the system to tolerate 12 to 24 hours downturn with minimal effect. Moreover, virtualized migration systems will assist Mr. Green to have , which utilize the common set of software. The virtualization migration system will assist Mr. Green to run business with low risks, be able to enjoy cost savings opportunities and enhancing seamless end users advantages.

Zero-Downtime Migration is one of the system migration strategies, which involves building and configure a new system where a user could migrate his entire data. However, Zero-downtime migration is very expensive to implement. ( Piazza, 2009). These three system migration systems are different from Window 7 Ultimate because all of them will require entire new hardware and software different from Window 7 Ultimate.

8. Installing 2 Different Operating Systems

Installing two different operating systems on the same computer assists a user to combine the capabilities of the two operating systems such as Window XP Professionals and Window 98, and this is often called dual boot. supports multiple booting with Window 98, Window 95, Windows 3.1, Windows NT 3.51, Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0. Thus, the following steps reveal the methods to combine the Window 98 and Window XP Professional on one computer.

Step of Installation

Window XP professional and Window 98 should be installed on separate volume on the same computer,

Next, the boot volume must be formatted with the correct file system,

Window 98 and Window XP Professional should be formatted with FAT32

Creating Multiple Boot

After formatting Window XP professional and reformat the hard drive.

Install Window 98 and install Window XP Professional


“Each operating system must be installed on a separate volume,” (Microsoft, 2013 P. 3).

Window 98 must be installed first, then install Window XP Professional.

9. Reason for Choosing a particular Hard Disk Partitioning Style

A partition is the strategy of dividing the storage capacity of a computer device into several parts. The reason for choosing the Window 98 and Window XP as the particular hard disk partition styles is that they could be used to create the free spaces that could be used as other storage devices for other files. Moreover, the Window XP could serve as the back up files for all the data within the system. Moreover, Mr. Green will be able to manage the security of the whole system effectively with the partitioning strategy implemented.


The project discusses the remarkable features of the Window 7 Ultimate. Unlike the Window Home that Mr. Green is currently using for the business purpose, the Window 7 Ultimate has the higher capacity, and its capacity reaches up to 192 GB that would make Mr. Green to enjoy effective and efficient network connection. Moreover, the Window 7 Ultimate will make Mr. Green to for his business, which will assist him to protect his business from an unauthorized intruder. Moreover, the project discusses the steps that Mr. Green would follow in the installation process and by following these steps, Mr. Green will enjoy effective and efficient networking for his business.


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