corporation will use is an effective marketing strategy. This is because the way they are able to promote themselves to customers will have an impact on their ability to increase sales and earnings. To achieve these objectives, a number of firms will use a wide variety of strategies. In the case of the firm that was studied in previous modules, this is vital part of ensuring that the company is able to remain competitive. To fully understand how this is at: the distribution, location, timing, variations and target markets. Together, these different elements will provide specific insights as to how the firm can increase its overall bottom line results.

The Distribution

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The basic distribution strategy is to use traditional and online resources. This will be accomplished through print advertising in select newspapers and magazines. At the same time, social networking, pay per click advertising and will be utilized to reach out to a large demographic of customers. Some relevant issues that should be considered include: how the message is being customized and the lasting image of the organization. The hours that the customers will be available to buy from the firm is: around the clock. This will occur through different locations and the web site. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)


The location of retail stores will be in medium to large cities throughout the U.S., Europe and Canada. As a result, the company will be exporting a wide variety of products. This means that an import – export agent will be used during the process. The way customers can order the service is through the web site or by going to one of the actual locations. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)


These different products will be released through traditional marketing channels. This means using some kind of third party whole seller. At the same time, the web site and retail outlets will allow the firm to directly market their product to consumers. This will help them to maximize their profit margins and increase their bottom line results. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)


The variations in the marketing strategy will be different from one region to the next. For example, the kind of approach that is used in one part of the U.S. may not work in others. To be able to address these issues, there should be select messages that are customized for specific local markets. This will help everyone to identify the firm with specific icons from a metropolitan area. Once this occurs, is the point that the company will have a stronger connection with customers. This is when they will be able to become a part of the different communities. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)

Target Market

The basic target market will focus on specific demographics to include: 15- 18, 19 — 35, 36- 60 and 61 -75. To cater to these different segments both traditional and online marketing will be utilized. When this happens the brand image will improve. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)

For example, to effectively market the products and services to different customers requires using mediums that will reach out to them. In the case of the older demographics, there will be or an emphasis on traditional mediums such as: newspaper, radio, TV and magazines. While at the same time, an online approach will be used by working with different organizations. This will help to increase favorability and the brand image of the firm. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)

In the younger demographics, there will be a focus on and social networking to increase popularity. This is because more of this demographic is of their time in these areas. When this happens, they will have a favorable image the organization and its products / services. This can help the firm to promote itself to this segment and reach out to even more potential customers. Once this takes place is when, they will be able to increase their market share. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)

To maintain the target market, another kind of approach must be used. In this case there will be an emphasis on understanding the customer’s needs. The way that this can be achieved is through having customers completing a survey. This can occur online or it will take place at the actual retail location. In either situation, the ideas and insights provided will help the firm to understand cliental more. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)

This is when they can be able to create new products and services that will address their specific needs. At the same time, the company can quickly deal with any kind of issues without having to worry about negative publicity. When this happens, they can protect their brand image and improve upon it. Over the long-term, this will allow the firm maintain market share. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)

These areas are important, because taking an all-encompassing strategy into account that will help the firm to promote itself to a variety of customers. When this happens, they are able to increase their bottom lines result and become a leader in the sector. This is the point that company can shape how a host of transformations are occurring. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)


Clearly, the marketing strategy for the organization will help to improve its image and increase their customer base. These different areas are allowing the firm to see rising sales and earnings over longer periods of time. The way that this is achieved is through using traditional and online mediums when reaching out to customers. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)

This will help the firm to approach wide variety of consumers using one or a combination of tools in conjunction with each other. To improve the effectiveness of the campaign, there will be a focus on creating a customizable message that everyone can relate to. In many cases, this will occur on the local level by connecting with specific organizations and icons. This will allow the company to be seen as a part of the community (based on this association). When this happens, stakeholders are more loyal to customers and they are talking about the firm favorably. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)

These different elements are showing how the company must use a number of tools in conjunction with each other. This will help them to focus on various segments and create a message that will resonate with each person. Once this takes place, is the point that the company can more effectively compete and understand what products / services are in demand. This will improve their ability to address their needs through: a host of innovative solutions. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)


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