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HHC USAG Ft. Riley, Junction City, KS

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Supervisor: Strength Management Officer Review
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Supervisor: Strength Management Officer


Strength management is one of the lucrative fields in the general delivery of services as a soldier. There are several avenues where strength management stands as a strong figure in the maintenance of equitable delivery of products and services in the field of work. As a strength management officer, I perform a number of supervisory duties in the field. The main functions of this department are to oversee the supervision of the daily strength management programs. Several programs are supposed to be completed in a day. The completion of the programs should coincide with the available trends of managing the states of quality or strength in the field. The strength department section is responsible for the management of about 12, 000 soldiers in the field. These soldiers are endorsed to offer services in the endorsement of interviews and other activities that are directed at maintaining quality identification and observation among the soldiers in the field (Kru-hler, 2012).

Many avenues can be used to maintain an equitable state of quality delivery of services in the market. All the positions that are supposed to be taken by the soldiers are determined and measured in accordance to the available avenues of maintaining quality of services offered. The services are supposed to be evaluated planned, directed, and developed in terms of the personnel that are to deliver such activities and services in the field. Therefore, the innate avenues of maintaining a strong started of quality management are accrued to the total services of this docket of service. Some of the other services that are delivered by the department include replacement of the offices, determination of the appropriate parameters that are supposed to be used as avenues of implementing the required changes for production, and maintenance of increased avenues of growth and development in the field of security and other related dockets in the field.

Salary range

In order to have a complete execution of all the services within this field, the relevant financial details are contained within the states of the organization. The is accrued to be at a value close to $134,500 in the field. This financial approximation is supposed to be acted within an equitable scale of measurement in the field.

Employment outlook

The general employment of the department is concerned with maintenance of security in the entire field management. The people who are required to work within this department are employed under the department of maintenance of security and improvement of strength within the department of security in the country. Employment is offered to those who have qualified. Upon employment, the people are taken through a number of training sessions that are geared at shading more light on the nature of activities and services that are supposed to be taken by the new employees (Kru-hler, 2012).

Types of positions

There are several positions in this field. The innate position is that of the senior manager. The lower categories are those of supervisors, assistant managers, and the core workers who work within the entire body of strength management office.

Education requirements

The basic education requirements are based on the initial training of the individual. Forensic science and to the specifications in the field. Other courses that make part of the requirements in this field are BS in Human Resource course, it course, and basic communication skills. The core requirements coincide with the basic requirement that are supposed to influence growth and elaboration of strength management in the field.

How my education and past work and life experiences have prepared me for the future in the work place

The beginning of my life has been established under equitable educational strengths. Education is one of the basic tools of trade that have shaped my life. In everything that has become relevant to my existence, education has stood out to be the basic requirement that brings about successful conception and implementation of ideas. Life is all about conception of ideas and the pursuit of pathways of implementation in the field. Many avenues of growth and development in my life have been focused on the maintenance of a good and stable background of eloquence. In every department of human growth and development, I have appreciated the functionalities of education. I started my life as a student in a kindergarten school. The gradual measures that have assisted me in growth and development have been directed at influencing positive influences of education. For instance, the many educational programs have forced a stable state of thinking and creativity in my life. This is one of the attributes that are basic to the general avenues of production and maintenance of competitiveness in the future.

Through education, I have developed appropriate skills and knowledge that is instrumental in the general management and maintenance of productivity in various fields of management. These skills have become instrumental in the explanation of course and effect in the world. Many happenings in the world require immediate attention and explanation to the growing generation. Through education, I have acquired skills and knowledge of the world in general terms. In the future, I believe that I will be able to manage to be a on the experiences and skills of operation that I have acquired in the field.

Education is a stronghold in every society. Through education, I was able to acquire the necessary skills and measures that are worth being used within my profession. For instance, education has opened many avenues through which I have managed to dwell within the right pathway of keeping success and fruitfulness in the field of work. My work as an it specialist and professional has been developed and inspired because of the educational approaches and trainings that I made as part of my life. Therefore, education has stood to be a pillar in the general management and maintenance of the available avenues of change in the society. The many societal avenues of building a strong society are found within the general activities that are done in the field of education. In order to keep a legible profile in the future aspirations and intentions, education has been a pillar in almost everything done in the field.

Through education, I have developed adequate skills of maintaining order and managing the influence of challenges in the general life. Many avenues of management are directed at influencing a positive development when the other duties of maintaining and managing challenges are part of life. Through this skills and experience, I belief that I will be able to handle any future challenges in the society. The many challenges are part of the accrued channels that bring about success on the society. The society where we live in is probably one of the work places that in order to management the possible challenges. Challenges are part of life. This is one of the common ideas and facts that I have learnt in the mean time. Therefore, the general avenues of learning and experiencing challenges are directed at influencing growth and development in the field.

In the general life, I have done several activities and fulfilled many responsibilities. The challenges that are part of life are tacked within the avenues of work places. Experience has been an instrumental feature in the general states of living in my life. Through the many trainings, work experiences, challenges, and successes that I have encountered, it is possible to say that there are all chances that direct equitable management of the future trends of development in the field. Professionalism is concerned with management and use of the available resources in order to foster equitable management of the advances made in the field. This is one of the factors that I have developed in the due course of life. In order to maintain an equitable state of success in the society, it becomes possible and relevant to be at a forefront in managing the available scales of managing and forecasting on the future trends of performance. Therefore, the experiences and other attendances that have formed part of my life have been a major boost in the general growth and development in the society.

In the future, I believe that I have what it takes to be successful. Success is a feature that is established gradually in the specified field. Therefore, the many attributes of performance in the field are a true reflection of the features that are likely to bring success to my future endeavors. I have learnt many things through education. Education is like a revelation to the happening and understanding of many things in the field. Therefore, I have accessed every channel of managing the available avenues of success in every field of productivity in the world. The experiences that I have gone through in the field are generalized under one facet of keeping an equitable success and future strengths. Therefore, the general activities and experiences that I have gone through in life have given me a strong perception of success in the future.


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