Management’s Workout

Workout is a tool that helps build strategic leadership within people and organizations. There are several reasons for this, the most important of which is the integrated nature of the program. To work most effectively, the Workout should be brought to the attention of all members of middle management as well as employees. All persons should then be entirely knowledgeable about the process and the requirements involved. As such, employees are empowered to make conscious decisions regarding the program in which they are required to participate.

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A further feature of the program is open communication between all levels of management and employees. In this way, employees are free to make suggestions or the program. This further encourages employees to come forward with solutions and ideas, which is a good leadership trait.

While outside facilitators are appointed for the initial implementation process, the way in which employees work together in problem solving can be monitored. This encourages leadership in two ways; because the emphasis is on speed, teams do not function in their current capacity for long periods of time. This provides the opportunity to elect new leaders according to employee performance when a new problem domain is selected. The leadership turnaround is therefore fairly rapid, and employees have a greater likelihood of acting as leaders. Furthermore, while outside facilitators are utilized for the initial Workout implementation, the process can become normalized and internal facilitators can be trained and given another opportunity for leadership.

As such, the Workout program therefore gives employees the opportunity to challenge themselves in terms of not only problem solving, but also in terms of leadership skills. Because of its emphasis on speed, decisions are taken rapidly, with the best leaders making the best decisions in the . This is also favorable for organizations as a whole, as enhanced leadership skills within employees, means better performance within the company. This is historically proven by the many companies who have implemented the program.

2. Workout can certainly be adapted to any type of organization. It is however emphasized that the program is fairly expensive to implement in terms of outside facilitators and training venues, which might present a challenge to . However, this depends upon the specific resources and needs of an organization.

A might for example need only one outside facilitator to train facilitators within the company itself. Existing company facilities could be used for this, as initial training sessions will be small. If there is a need for more funding resources, sponsors can be contacted in this regard. In this it is important that the involved sponsors be aware of the benefits of Workout.

Workout can be specifically beneficial for these organizations, as integrated employee functioning and management accountability are key aspects of the process. Many of these organizations are also focused on speed, which is then an added benefit. Social and welfare issues are of utmost importance, and programs such as Workout can only be to their benefit.

Once again, it is obvious that the program, if implemented correctly, brings about results quickly and effectively because of the integrated nature of its implementation. Both large and small companies can benefit, as the program can be adjusted to fit any particular need. Monetary constraints can be handled by sponsors or funding activities.

The most important element of Workout is to relate its benefits to all stakeholders, including sponsors, leadership and employees. If handled correctly, the program is a breakthrough device to enhance company culture and performance.