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Create a master plan with all the steps necessary for holding a meeting or seminar on careers in hospitality management.

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This entails the joint efforts of the conference manager, the chairperson of the conference, the planning board of the conference, the society officers and the executive board of the society (Potvin, 2012).

Establishing a Planning Timetable

To manage work and make sure that planning meetings take place, publications handed out, speakers chosen, and conference plans need follow the appropriate order (Povtin, 2012)

Assessing Meeting Objectives and Developing a Method of Approach

Usually, long-range planning would have been conducted by society officers, the executive board of the society, as well as the (Potvin, 2012).

Selecting the Conference Theme

The central point for the technical program is the conference theme and it serves to incorporate the different subject sections of the conference into a coherent whole (Potvin, 2012).

Determining the Approach to the Technical and Social Programs

The general approach to the technical program ought to be decided next: to incorporate lessons, as well as roundtables and panels of papers (Potvin, 2012).

Planning for Student Involvement in the Conference

In case the society possesses student members, a segment of the conference planning might concern means of getting the students involved in the conference program and encourage them to go to the conference (Potvin, 2012).

Establishing Policies and Guidelines for Gifts and Exhibits

At this point of planning, particular decisions ought to be made concerning requesting industry gifts, either as sponsorships or grants of breaks or social occasions (Potvin, 2012).

Setting Audiovisual Equipment Policy

Decissions ought to be made concerning the provision of audiovisual devices and also concerning a policy for charging authors for special equipment or last-minute demands (Potvin, 2012).

Planning Conference Publicity and Publications

Decisions ought to be made regarding publicity and publications (Potvin, 2012).

Preparing a : Determining Sources of Funding and Projecting Costs

A mixture of sources funds the expenses of operating an annual conference (Potvin, 2012).

Part 2: Create a plan for a local event in your area. List all the headings and formulate a budget. Please no less than 2 pages for Part 1 & 2


Nam eof Event: 5km Fun Run/Walk

Sponsor of event: California Association of Running Clubs

Coordinator of event: Jane Doe

Saturday November 6th 2009

8:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.

Location: Macdonald Trail, and Anthony Chabot Regional Park

Event Timeline

8:00 a.m. -9:00a.m.-Volunteer Water Stations Set Up/Participant check-in

9:00 a.m. -Run/Walk Begins

11:00 p.m. -Run/Walk Ends

11:00 p.m.-12:00 P.M. — Refreshments served/Volunteer Water Stations Break Down

12:00 pm –Event Concluded

Event Sponsor

California Association of Running Clubs is a non-profit organization that aims to unite the running community. It is an event that is open to the public regardless of they are or are not members of a running club (East Bay Regional Park District, 2013).

By this point, the participants ought to have been registered. We are anticipating approximately 100 applicants and the registration fee is $20. The run/walk shall go 2.5-mile on one direction and then turn around and retrace the path taken on the way back. It shall start at the Macdonald Staging region and two water stations shall be set up on the trail (East Bay Regional Park District, 2013).

Emergency Action Plan

Every participant is needed to sign-out before departure. We shall have a last walker on the trail, who will wait for the last participant to start. All water stations shall be equipped with walkie-talkies together with a first aid kit (East Bay Regional Park District, 2013).

The Budget

Expense Description

Estimated Cost

Actual Cost


Printing Flyers

Printing Registration Forms

Printing Sponsorship Forms

Printing Brochures


Runner Bibs

Winner Medals


Equipment Rental

Facility Fee

Insurance Fee

Food for Runners

Drinks for Runners




Income Description

Estimated Income

Actual Income



Registration Fees




Funds Raised

Estimated Funds Raised

Actual Funds Raised



East Bay Regional Park District. (2013, April 16).Sample Event Plan. Retrieved from

Potvin, J. H. (2012). Planning and Organizing an Annual Conference. Journal of The American Psychiatric Nurses Association.