Business Proposal

In any given organization, communication is vital to ensure achievement of the organizational goals and objectives. For effective communication to take place between those in the managerial position and employees, installation of a new computer system in the computer department, in the information technology department, will ensure control of security issues and have a firewall that is in the organization Miller, 2012.

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Organizational Communication Approaches and Processes
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This ensures that new technological projects are easily communicated within the organization while keeping competitors at bay. The new computer system will , an operating system and chosen software. Despite the expenses involved, the organization’s benefits will over shadow the costs.


Technological development in the modern world is responsible for making adopted computer systems become obsolete faster. This means for business to prosper, we also have to adopt new computer systems in the information technology department to enhance functioning with . Though, in the managerial position, an upgraded computer system is vital in different ways. This also applies to other members of the organization in ensuring the organization stays on top of its competitors while satisfying consumer needs as well as making profits. Qualitative research was carried out and results provided the guidelines as to how system upgrading is to be carried out. Field notes provide guidelines of those involved in the process so as to ensure a successful outcome.


A new computer system will enhance operations of the organization by increasing the number of routines performed every day. This reflects on the organizational performance with aspects of responsibilities such as calculations, and item sorting being accomplished within a short period. The new computer system will have an added advantage of incorporating new transactions according to change in activities. An upgraded computer system is essential in making decisions. When one has the duty to make a decision on an aspect that will affect the organization in either way, one has the unique opportunity to access recorded data on the computer Parsons, June Jamrich, & Oja, 2012.

The system can also detect activities that are below the standards of the organization because they are automated. This ensures that activities that affect organizational performance, for example, employee performance are corrected in time before great losses are incurred. Most importantly, an upgraded computer system is necessarily for the managerial team to access information on time.

This implies that the management knows of every change that occurs and can keep track of the organization’s position amongst its competitors, therefore, doing everything in their position to maintain the position or raise the organization’s position in the bar. The process of ensuring the upgraded computer system is in from all the employees of the organization to ensure its success. This implies that responsibilities should be delegated following a bottom up approach. The management should also be well represented to the employees enhancing a fast decision making process. Feedback should be provided on the development of the process so as to enhance momentum from everybody’s efforts Parsons, et al., 2012.

Another aspect of the process would be awareness creation to the employees which would involve convincing other members of staff of the importance of an upgraded computer system.


An updated computer system is aimed at improving organizational budget as well as saving time while carrying out different activities. Generally, the overall performance of the organization will be improved for the benefit of everybody involved no matter the level of contribution. Following the example of other organizations that have achieved success by having an updated computer system, it implies that our organization would achieve the same level of development and be recognized among other recognized organizations.


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