Multicultural Resources Report of Internet Sites

Multicultural and diversity issues exist in our .it is therefore very important to sensitize people and make them aware of these issues and how they can deal with them. The paper is a report on multicultural resources using the internet sites.

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Multicultural Resources Report of Internet Sites
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Milano, P.J. (1997).The National Forum on People with Differences. Retrieved November 19, 2013 from

There are so many internet sites that contain information on some aspects of multicultural and diversity such site is Y? Forum. This is a national forum on people with differences. This site provides a safe place where people candidly discuss tough issues such as stereotypes, racism, religious persecution, gander discrimination, homophobia and other issues pertaining to cultural diversity. This site has an appealing appearance which attracts anyone that visits the site hence they will be able to read through what is contained in the is very easy to navigate through the site as there are areas where one can click in order to read exactly what they want to focus on. The information within the site is quite useful and one is also able to ask any question they want and get answers. The site is very relevant since it talks about the issues of diversity and also ahs some guidelines on the side that show how one is supposed to use the site (Milano, 1997).

Scholastic Inc., (2013). Multiculturalism and Diversity. Retrieved November 19, 2013 from

Scholastic is another site on multiculturalism and diversity. This site contains a lesson plan on the and diversity. This site is very attractive with various pictures of children and cartoons that are appealing. The site is also well organized hence making it easy for anyone that is visiting the site to easily go through what is contained within the site. The site contains some links to professional articles and resources on the issues pertaining to multiculturalism and diversity. These links contain helpful information only a click away. Therefore the site is fully equipped with all the necessary information required. There are also some and activities that can be used to enhance growth of anyone visiting the site in issues pertaining to cultural diversity and multiculturalism. The contents of the website are quite applicable since they are centered on the issues of multiculturalism and cultural diversity. They are also very relevant as they are hands on application to what can be done within the classroom when it comes to issues dealing with culture and diversity. The weakness in this site is the fact that there are too many links hence it becomes difficult and cumbersome for one to click on the links when they want to read something. If the site could have had everything written there as opposed to the numerous links then it would have been better and easier for anyone who is visiting the site. This is because they would find everything they want on that same page instead of opening numerous links attached (Scholastic Inc., 2013).

University of Arizona, (2011). Multicultural and Diversity Issues. Retrieved November 19, 2013 from

Another website is the University of Arizona website that contains information on diversity and multiculturalism. The site terms these issues as a new form of racism. The issue of new racism is highlighted in this site and gives an insight of how diversity and multiculturalism come to be termed as a new form of racism. The site is very attractive and easy to navigate through. The site is also simple with everything clearly stated out as it the top of the site there are various headings t6hat show exactly what one wants. Anyone visiting the site can access these things when they click the headings. The information in the site is quite relevant and applicable in the day-to-day lives. People visiting the site can relate to the information easily and hence learn a lot from the is therefore a very useful site with its content being quite useful in the day-to-day lives of individuals. The information is relevant for individual growth as well as that of other clients that visit the site.

IFC Wellness Center, (2013). Multicultural Issues / Diversity. Retrieved November 19,2013 from

This is another site that deals with multicultural issues and diversity. The site is well arranged with the services which are available clearly indicated on the left side of the page. There are also specialty areas indicated at the left side just below the services available. The contents o the site re clearly brought out with topics highlighted and the issues discussed under each topic .There are also contacts available where anyone who visits the site and needs to talk to the people involved can easily get in touch with them. The information on the site is relevant and hence can provide growth to anyone visiting the site. The information is also applicable in the normal lives of people and hence anyone visiting the site can learn a lot. The weakness with this site is the fact that everything is stated out briefly .if there could be more explanations given out on the site then it would be more relevant and effective ( IFC Wellness Center, 2013).

., (2013). Multiculturalism & Diversity. Retrieved November 19, 2013 from

American Counseling Association is another site that contains information on multiculturalism and sis easy to navigate through the site as everything is clearly indicated on the webpage. There is an icon for the homepage, and browse by topic. Therefore whatever topic one wants to access is easily therefore makes it easy for anyone visiting the site to maneuver and get exactly what they want and they are looking for. There are also some links to social media such as Facebook and twitter on the top most side of the site. This enables one to share the site with other people and hence it becomes very easy for information sharing .there is even an option to join this site and continue learning in the process. This is very good as it will enable those people who join the site to learn and get their questions answered in every possible way (American Counseling Association, 2013).

Curators of the University of Missouri, (2011). Diversity and Multiculturalism. Retrieved November 19, 2013 from

This is yet another site that contains information on diversity. There are various diversity researches that are listed on the site with their names, their research description and contact information. This is very useful as it gives one a guideline on the available research that has been conducted on this topic and how it was also has the access to contact information of those who carried out this research and hence can do a follow-up if they have any questions to be answered. These research topics give the viewers of the site a guideline on the available