Whitney collection, what qualities do the art works seem to have in common?

When you look at the Whitney collection from the year 2000, it is clear that that all of the artists are reflection of a sense of realism in the various works. As, they are taking everyday events and are depicting them in such a way, that they are giving the audience a sense of appreciation for what many people see regularly.

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A good example of this can be seen by comparing the works of Doug Aitken with John Coplans. In the Doug Aitken’s photograph, he is illustrating an everyday event by highlighting a single shopping cart sitting in a parking lot. As, everyone has: went home and Aitken is showing how this is part of everyday life in America. This is giving the viewer a sense of appreciation for the kinds of images that we see everyday, but often overlook them. Once this takes place, Aitken is able to create a sense of appreciation for these images. While he is illustrating, the how they are cultural icons are a representation of society at large. This is significant; because it is showing how his ideas would influence the images we are looking at. As a result, the photograph is causing the viewer to pause and reflect upon the importance of everyday images. (“Doug Aitken”)

The photograph by John Coplans is highlighting another aspect of realism. This is accomplished by: taking a self-portrait of the artist’s hands and fingers. As he is illustrating, another image that everyone takes advantage of everyday. This is taking a similar kind of approach that was used Aitken, through showing ordinary images that most people take advantage of. However, once you look at the photograph and reflect on what is taking place, this is highlighting a sense of appreciation for these ideas. These two works are significant, because they are showing how both artists are taking the images that everyone is looking at on a regular basis and they are reflecting upon their beauty. Once this occurs, the viewer will step back and have a sense of realization for what these underlying images mean to them. This is what makes these two works modern day classics by: taking these icons and they are representing them in their own unique way. (“John Coplans”)

Speculate on where you think art (painting and sculpture) is headed next.

The direction of art (i.e. painting and sculptures) is heading towards illustrating abstract concepts and realism. In some cases, this can take place by having a simple photograph, statue or painting that is highlighting these different images. Evidence of this can be seen by looking no further than the work that was created by: Whitfield Lovell. These images are depicting various realities that were taking place from 1959 onward. As, they are reflection of: the attitudes and ideas of contemporary society at the time. This is accomplished by: highlighting people, images and realities that were a part of the social norms that we lived in (when the work was created). These elements are important, because they are showing how art is heading in a direction of capturing these images. As a result, this is giving the viewer a sense of appreciation for them and ideas that they will see. Where, they are able to transcend the time when they were created, which is showing a sense of realism and how various shifts could be occurring. Once this takes place, it is giving everyone a sense of awareness and enlightenment about these events. (“Whitney Collection”)

At the same time, modern art is heading in a direction that is taking on more abstract concepts. Two examples of this can be seen in the works that were created by: Jessica Stockholder and Pat Steir. In both pieces of art, there is the utilization of various dark and light colors on the canvas, to shape how it is being interpreted by the viewer. In the case of Stockholder, her canvas is untitled to show how she is allowing the audience to make their own interpretations about the underlying meanings. While at the same time, Steir is taking this concept and is applying it to the universe through the use of: a blue background, with grey and red overlapping it. Even though this may not be an actual depiction of the Milky Way, the utilization of this technique is allowing the viewer to open their minds. This is important, because it is taking these ideas and recreating them in such a way, to instill a unique interpretation in the minds of the individual. Once this occurs, everyone will be able to have their own views of the work and its underlying meaning. (“Whitney Collection”)

When you step back and analyze the direction that modern art is going, it is clear that there are two major influences that have been quickly emerging (realism and abstract concepts). Realism is used to show the various images of contemporary society by: highlighting how this is shaping the way the audience is looking at everyday events. Once this occurs, the reader will have a greater sense of appreciation for these images and their underlying meanings. While the , are being utilized to shape how someone is interpreting a wide variety of events. As, the artists are to: create a kaleidoscope of light and dark images (which is a reflection of various concepts). These elements are important, because they are showing how the future of art is embracing these ideas to create another way of understanding these works. (“Whitney Collection”)


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