Math Webliography (

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By Karen,” this site is self-described as an “amusement park of math and more.” colorful icons against a black background constitute child-friendly visuals, and menu items like “Number Monster” and “The Geometry of Crop Circles” are also guaranteed to please curious young and adult minds alike. (

Not as visually appealing as it could be, Kidsnumbers is still a valuable resource tool for teachers and parents. Several “Let’s Practice” to play and interact. ( chalkboard cat icon welcomes children and their parents to the Web site, which several “Math Cats Explore the World.” However, the activities contained on the site are geared toward children older than the cute drawings would suggest. Mathcats is not for youngsters but is lacking in the sophistication that might draw a more mature audience.

TeachRKidsMath (

Seemingly geared toward teachers instead of students, TeachRKidsMath is not as child-friendly as it could be. The exercises are, however, good resources for math teachers needing some activities for their students.

Wolfram MathWorld (

Wolfram might indeed live up to its self-proclaimed subtitle, “web’s most extensive mathematics resource.” Containing a wealth of information on every mathematics topic of interest to advanced students from applied math to topology, the site also includes helpful history sections that are of particular use to the .

S.O.S. Mathematics (

For “high school, college students, and adult learners,” SOS serves as both refresher course and introduction to new material. Although the information and exercises on the site are limited and the site does include annoying advertisements, S.O.S. is a worthy Web site.

Hacking Mathematics (

An online textbook for a liberal arts mathematics course, this site offers students the opportunity to gather information and complete corresponding exercises.

Project-Based Instruction in Mathematics for the Liberal Arts (

This Web site is not easy to navigate or to look at, but the quality and range of content are admirable.

Mathematics History (

Unfortunately bogged down by poor Web site design, the Thinkquest-sponsored site is filled with useful information about the history of mathematics for non-math majors at as well as for students in more .