Physical Changes

In the past few months my current exercises has changed my physical life dramatically. I have already realized that movement is a medicine when used appropriately and I have managed to significantly develop my ability to listen to the needs of my body and get involved in the type of practice that will be most beneficial to my life. Different physical changes have taken place in my life in my endeavor to live a healthy life.

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My body composition has changed significantly mainly since I started taking my exercises. Following my exercise mechanisms, there has been reduction in the percentage of body fat as well as through the increase of lean muscle mass in my different parts of my body, (Kahn, E.B., Ramsey, 2002). Also changing my eating habit has facilitated change in my body composition. I have reduced consuming junky foods which may increase fats in by body and I usually avoid them for several weeks without consuming them.

Due to burning fat and calories in my training which have gone for weeks, my body has reduced meaning that have lost some weight . Now I feel lighter when am walking and carrying out my duties which were a bit harder for me to do. I currently feel a difference in my breathing or my heart rate. At first my breathing was hard when I was doing the exercises or after doing a small task but this has changed gradually after training, I no-longer struggle with my breathing when carrying out difficult tasks and even in my exercises. This can be due to the change in my muscles that can now use oxygen a lot better and this has lowered my heart rate.

Before I started training my skin was rough and dry. I was using different types of body lotions so that my skin could come back to its softness. Even though they disappeared they could reappear again but when I started my training I no longer need to look for different body lotions because my skin is now clear and soft. This has been because exercise has open my pores allowing me to sweet freely during the exercise hence leaving my skin clear.

My muscles have developed after attending exercise training programs and have increased my exercise activities for a longer duration. My body joints can now move more dynamically enabling me to be able to react faster, more powerful and work out stable movements. Minor injuries which I used to face in my tissues that could make me sometimes limb are not happening anymore.

I have become more active in my activities than I was when I had not started attending my exercises because of a chronic illness that had already started interfering with my daily activities. It was forcing me not to go back to my games that I loved most such as basketball and football after leaving them for long duration and wanted to resume and my chances of participation again was at risk. Following advice from the doctor to do some exercise I can now be active in my activities and my games as before because the chronic disease is has somehow disappear.

My tummy which had started to protrude and left me to wonder how I will be able to live with it is currently flat just at the way had wanted it to be after visiting vigorous training specifically for my tummy. My tummy had started to make me feel uncomfortable while walking and carrying out my duties. Apart from practice I was also forced to again change my eating habits to effectively achieve this physical change.


My physical body has experience different changes in the last one year. Some have been positive while some have been negative. Since I wanted to live in a healthy life I decided to attend physical training programs which for the days have attended has drastically changed the my physical appearance in a positive way.


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