Budget Report/Justification for Headquarters

The Elite Property Management (EPM) has its headquarters along the Mass Avenue at the Penthouse premises. This is an extensive building that houses the headquarters and the entire staff that deals not only in the operations of the organization from this point but also has offices for the satellite branches that the organization has to make coordination of work easier. Adjacent to the headquarters are also three stores that the firm rents to help in central storage of property of the organization.

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The total cost of renting these premises was pegged at $1,395,000 with the to the main building that holds the offices, $495,000. The two massive stores were allocated $450,000 respectively.

The space that cost the $495,000 for the year will help give 150 employees working spaces and the extra space that would be used for conference halls and refreshment areas. This wholesome accommodation will enable the organization to avoid rampant hiring of conference halls to train the staff and hold large scale meeting with potential clients. The space will also ensure that employees are catered for sufficiently within the premises hence minimal movement out of the organization premises during working hours, resulting in increased productivity.

The adjacent two stores will be sued for storing items and any property of the company that will not be in use at the time. This will help ensure the building material and machinery of the company is kept safe from any possible loss or damage. Bearing that the company deals in refurbishments and building of new buildings apart from managing the already built ones for the clients, there are machinery that cost to the tune of millions of dollars hence need sufficient security and daily monitoring. This can be done by the same property manager responsible for the main building since the stores are close by. This will mean the cash that could have been sued to employ someone to be in charge of the stores if they were far off will be saved (.al., 2010).

The main building will also need a thorough face-lifting and renovation since it has been the same for 2 years now. The $5,000 will be sufficient to buy paint for the interior and exterior walls and replacement of other smaller items that are broken or worn out within the main building like door knobs among others. The reason this money is essential for the facelift is to boost our image within the property management industry. It would be hard to trust our brand in building splendid houses yet we have a house block that is unpleasant to see. We need the facelift and refurbishment urgently to boost the trust at face value from the clients.

The slight increase in the administrative costs is due to the annual appraisals that often come with increment in salary for the staff that have performed well. This remuneration that goes in tandem with the performance often encourages the staff to put in more efforts in accomplishing tasks hence boosting the financial standing of the organization. It also helps in the motivation of the employees to meet the set targets at the beginning of each financial year; this is a form of extrinsic motivation that has largely worked for our organization hence the cost that is appended to it is justifiable (Archer North & Associates, 2015).


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