Management Info Systems

My mother often tells the story about one Summer as I was growing up. Each year, we would host a family reunion at one of the local parks. My mother hated this time of year because the guest list seemed to grow larger every year, and she was in charge of so many things. To her delight, when I was 9 years old, I offered to “manage” the reunion for her. I asked her for all the people who would attend, and her on who would do what, who would bring what, and even what would the contingency plan be if the weather turned sour or some other unknown were to occur. My contribution to the event was a very precise and colorful chart in which I used up every single color combination in my crayon box, drew lines for responsible people and products — in actually, my first Gantt chart. It was then that I learned how fascinated I was in the accumulation of data, not for data’s sake, but for the process of making managerial decisions based on data.

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Albert Hubbard, American Swimming Coach and Choreographer, once noted that “We may ask for information, but we are usually only interested in confirming our own opinions.” To me, involvement in a would allow me to help invalidate Hubbard’s belief. I know that MIS is essential, particularly in the 21st century’s technological and global scope. It is not only computer systems, with which we need be concerned, but technology, people, data, the way data is used, and the way culture and society interact with technology.

To this end, I believe that my in both the humanities and hard sciences will more than adequately prepare me for graduate work in MIS. My studies in the humanities and social sciences help broaden my understanding of how individuals interact with societal norms to evaluate, design and implement systems that improve efficiency and contribute to a better way of life for millions. My work in computers and the hard sciences allowed me to understand the mechanics, but more and more I realized that one must take a more holistic view of technological operations in order to understand how they can merge more appropriately into contemporary society.

Knowing, though, that I have a strong desire and personality that thrives on taking a leadership role, the answer to my career needs would need to blend engineering, computers, management, and the social sciences. The answer to this conundrum was a Graduate Program in Management Information Systems, in which I can work to understand and apply my skills in many fields to help create and expand the field of decision-making using a sound and considered basis in both technological and qualitative fields.

We are at the threshold of a new age — an age in which the half-life of technology pushes computing and miniaturization forward at a quantum pace. I would like to be a part of that revolution and work with my background in ____ to contribute in to the field of System Design using a unique approach of combining the hard and soft sciences to develop high end applications and products. In this manner, I can contribute significantly to the growth and betterment of global society by improving quality and standards of life in a macro way.

I believe you will find my course work and GPA of ____ to be a more than adequate groundwork for your program. Additionally, I can assure you that my love of learning, of academic challenges, and considerable drive will provide the basis of my success in the field. ____ is the most rewarding and appropriate setting to fulfill my academic and cultural needs. Educational and research opportunities at ____ are considerable, and will provide the basis for my further research and contributions to the field. Finally, ____ will indeed benefit from my attendance as both a scholar, a valuable university citizen, and my commitment to furthering the mission and academic goals of your organization.