Patient medical charts emerge as crucial since they provide a patient’s key medical information, which helps practitioners in making more accurate diagnoses and that ensure better outcomes (Lippincott, 2012). As such, errors on should be corrected in an effort to ensure the accuracy of information. This would help make the right diagnoses and use the right treatment plans. This paper highlights my experience in correcting errors appearing on a when reviewing charts and the lessons learned from the experience.

Reviewing patient medical charts is critical in the best care (Lippincott, 2012). In the process of reviewing charts, it was discovered that an error had been made in entering patient information. As such, I had to correct the information for accuracy. However, I did not know the best approach to correct the error. So, I used correction fluid and made the correct version of the patient information. However, as the charge nurse was going through the records, he discovered what I had done while correcting the error and informed me that it was not the right procedure for correcting errors on a patient chart.

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From the encounter, I had the opportunity to learn the right procedure for correcting errors in a patient chart. I discovered that it is wrong to . Instead, one should draw a line through the error and proceed to rewrite the information. The correction should be made such that the original entry is preserved. Alternatively, the situation added to my growth in nursing since it helped me gain the skills of correcting errors on a patient medical chart. I can now guide others on how to correct errors appearing on patient charts.