Economics Major

First and foremost, I intend to major in Economics. From quite an early age, I have grown up admiring successful business leaders. I envisaged such individuals as living relatively fulfilling lives based on the wealth they had amassed from investments. One of my in business and investments has always been Benjamin Graham, an astute investor and economist who passed on in 1976. Graham who in my opinion remains one of the most rational investors of all time came up with some of the most priceless yet simple investment principles. Having developed a keen interest in the investments field at an early age, I have been an avid reader of any available literature on Ben Graham. Based on these readings, I remain convinced that to make sound investment decisions; the need for a well-founded understanding of economics cannot be overstated. Further, over time, I have come to appreciate the fact that economists are employable in a wide range of areas. For instance, as an economist, I could work in the or even choose to pursue a career in academia as an instructor. Further, I could also secure a job in the public service or go into private practice as a consultant. It is the latter which most interests me.

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In regard to the experience I have had in the field, it is important to note that I have in the past been engaged in community service. In this case, I was mainly responsible for the provision of but not in any way limited to food and clothing to homeless individuals. Here, I learnt first hand the effects of at the national level. I became convinced that with i.e. In terms of encouraging investments and job creation, so many societal problems such as homelessness could be easily solved. It is also during this time that I developed a keen interest in working as an economic consultant either for the public or private sector. As an economic consultant, say for the government, I could use my knowledge of economics to develop and influence the adoption of policies that could make an impact on the lives of common people so as to avert social problems such as homelessness. Hence in that regard, in addition to using my understanding of economics to create personal wealth through investing, I could also make a meaningful contribution at the societal level.

In addition to being engaged in community service, I also have some experience as a server at a sushi restaurant. As a server, I was promptly ushered into the practical side of business where I learnt a number of economic principles in relation to consumer behavior as well as a few concepts relating to demand and supply. From this particular engagement, I got well acquainted with the decision process consumers utilize or apply when it comes to the buying and usage of products. In that regard, I came to understand the reasons why clients made purchases at the restaurant. I also came to identify the various factors that in one way or the other influence client purchases and lastly, what can be done to influence the buying behavior of consumers. I believe all these principles have some application in economics and hence by majoring in the subject; I will essentially be reinforcing my understanding of the same.

To sum it all up, majoring in economics will familiarize me with important concepts for future application in wealth creation. Further, the same major could also enable me to make a lasting contribution towards the well-being of each and every individual at the societal level.