Economic growth between U.S. And China

The ascend of China from a deprived, moribund state to a most important financial supremacy within an instant period of merely 28 years is frequently depicted by psychoanalysts as one of the most monetary triumph narratives in contemporary era. Taking into account the recent years economic growth China has managed to comfortably join the top bands as one of the leading economies in the world. This high economic growth rate has been realized mainly from increased exports, which consist of a wide range of commodities which includes clothes, jewelleries, household equipments and electric appliances. Export of luxury products such as mobile phones, laptops and other telecommunication equipments from China, especially to developing countries, has greatly increased. This study sought to establish the impact of this thriving economy between U.S. And China.

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Since 1979 by the time the economic amendments were first established to around 2006, China’s bona fide GDP cultivated at a middling yearly rate of 9.7%, the extent of its financial system improved in excess of 11-fold, its actual per capita GDP cultivated in excess of 8-fold, in addition to its globe standing for sum trade increased from 27th – 3rd. By a number of dimensions, China has turned out to be the world’s number two principal economy, and possibilities of it becoming the world’s principal economy within the coming decades can never be ruled out. The Chinese economy growth has contributed to considerable economic relationship between United States and China itself. This has seen the entre trade involving these two great nations sky rocket from 4.9 billion dollars in the year 1980 to an anticipated 343 billion dollars in the year 2006.

China has emerged to be United States’ second principal associate, the number four principal export market as well as number two principal imports source. Reasonably priced Chinese products have improved the procurement strength of United States purchasers. Numerous organizations in the United States have in China reason being to be able to sell their goods in the thriving market in China as well as to capture advantage of inexpensive labor for exported products. China’s procures of U.S. coffers securities have subsidized federal discrepancies in addition to assisting maintain United States concentration rates comparatively squat. Regardless of the professed danger from China, the United States financial system has in recent times upheld complete employment as well as vigorous economic development. Till now, the development in Chinese exports comes out to have drawn closer partially at the disbursement of Asian competitors.

Luxury is continually developing and prejudiced perception, furthermore not simple to describe. Other than more frequently, the utterance is employed to describe an indispensable although attractive article before a status of tremendous soothe or treat. What situates the luxury product separately is their of in excess of their corresponding items. However much level of fineness luxury brands express there is more to it than just that in that it also brings about the social cipher signifying right of entry to the rare, elite as well as attractiveness hence making this market for the most part attention-grabbing a unique kind for the reason that it corresponds to expenditure at its most self-indulgent and ostensibly unreasonable acquiring for the individual contentment it gives regardless of the pecuniary cost. (Kapferer 2001) Luxury brand at present in service in china be mainly of European derivation and distance transversely an assortment of vends divisions like style attire as well as trimmings, footwear, cologne along with wakeups, trinkets, automotive not leaving out liquor.

It is somehow easier said than done evaluating the kind of market that exists in China for the reasons that comparatively stretchy restrictions, as the Colbert Committee produced their reports on the worldwide turnover which came with a return of about $4.5 billion in 1999 as Allures,(2003) explains. As for this the decision to scrutinize the luxury markets from end to end of activities that are seen to be dominating this luxury industry putting into consideration the turnover in previous years especially in 1999. Cologne and cosmetic products had a great out come with a turnover of $1,463 million (Allures, 2003) with leather products following closely with a turnover of $680 million. Fashion (designer fashion) coming third with a turnover of $8.5 million (Allures, 2003).

This brings us to the consumer behaviour which describes the conduct demonstrated by the purchaser in the process of purchase search using evaluation and disposal of products and services as well as ideas in which they believe will meet their needs. How individuals come to decision on how they spend their fortunes this consist of money, effort as well as time is therefore said to be the acquiring of information about the end users actions. As (Schiff man and Lazar Karuk 1987) puts it, the study also brings on board a range of questions that only the consumer has the answer to example being WHAT, WHERE, WHY, HOW, WHEN, plus HOW OFTEN . The proposal of the model that give particulars on purchaser behaviour was brought about by Leonardo (2004) and Wells and Pesky (1996).And their foremost module of consumer behaviour turned out to be the stimuli which they say are contribution from an entity that is professed by right mind, hallucination, audible range, aroma, flavours as well as touch.

Stimuli features in four diverse distinctive known as product physical characteristic which engross the casing an alongside the design, positioning of the products, products quality as well the name of the brand along with distribution. Product symbolism and this one involve social condition, expression of an individual’s characteristics, dream plus contentment. The communication involving individuals: friends, family, reference group or brand endorsement and lastly we have the commercial communication which also comes with advertisement in newspapers and magazines both internet and TV and not omitting argumentation of the sales personnel (Mo, 2004)

There has been an increasing interest coming from foreign companies in tapping into the lucrative luxury market in china. And statistics proves that not only wealthy individuals are steadily developing within China, other than the enthusiasm to squander on expensive products is truly on the increase and this enthusiasm is motivated by the eagerness for the condition alongside the soothe and paraphernalia of luxury products. Chinese economy moved up by around 10.3% (2006) which was high compared with the previous year and this placed china ahead of United Kingdom hence becoming the fourth largest world’s economy. As per the preliminary estimation from National Bureau of Statistics in China shows, China’s back to back increment of 10.9% was real in 2006.

As per the Goldman Sachs china has perverted to the number three principal end-user of sumptuousness possessions in the entire world. China’s distribute of the sumptuousness promote is merely out of done by Japan with about 41% as well as 17% for U.S. this percentage was anticipated to rise by 20% per annum in anticipation of 2008 thereafter 10% awaiting 2015 while trades were projected to go beyond USD 11.5 billion . On the other hand just a minute portion of China’s enormous population paused to meet the cost as per expenditure on more than a few thousand on items like bags as well as shoes. On the contrary, numerous specialists tend to argue that China still stands tall as the world’s major luxury market with a moderately squat consumption tempo simply for the reason that of its high population of 1.3 billion.

As the purchase of the luxury goods thunders from corner to corner of the glob and as the power of worlds economy assists in building a novel category of wealthy purchasers in Asia and Middle East as well as Eastern Europe. With the wide range of products ranging from yachts, finest cars trademarks, watches, far above the ground priced liquors as well as fashionable colons, there were information that companies were positioning to a vigorous year (2006) intended for their business subsequent to concrete institute en route for the year. Researchers have always hinted that the contribution towards china’s booming sales of luxury produce has been largely depending on earnings from stock as well as property speculations (China Daily 2005)

China has in away played a role in the growth of Asian market and as Goldman Sachs perceives, by 2015 China will be able to consume up to 29% of the global entire luxury market, going past Japan who do consider themselves as the top most luxury brands market favourite. From their study it is of no doubt that the need for luxury products in China grew to about 25% that is from the year 2006 to 2010 surpassing Japan’s whose expectation was around 28%. Merrill Lynch was also of the similar opinion which came with profligate offshore expenditure hence viewing Chinese purchasers as the most probable people to take control of almost a divide into four parts of the world’s lavishness goods purchased by the year 2014.

Bartlett in his studies attribute the development of the World monetary economics to U.S., which was also among the pioneers for the money system and the banking industry. This paved way to the development of the modern banking in both U.S. As well as England as people who began to exchange credits for goods and services, the banks were establish in order to stabilize the money sources. It also lead to the development of almost five hundred towns since the people of United States heavily rely on trading and business as source of their livelihood. The middle class economy also grew as feudalism system declined and on the other hand, money came to be viewed as a source of power, this was later to be known as the foundation of modern day capitalism.

Economists have argued that international trade promotes international competition therefore trading partners are forced to produce high quality goods at cheaper prices, this benefit will definitely be enjoyed directly by the consumers themselves. Also international trade helps in exploitation of country resources and African countries are again good example of beneficiaries of this advantage, like the oil rich countries which apply the use of their trading partner to help them mine oil from the ground. Statistics indicate that nearly 80% of employment opportunities in the private sector of countries are created through international trade and at times of natural calamities it has been evidently demonstrated that countries can get help from their trading partners due to the good relationship they fostered.

Bardhan (2004) continues to say that international trade offers some advantage or benefits to the participating countries, these advantages or benefits can be summed up as the importance of international trade. Key among these is that it encourages specialization and division of labor this is to mean that a country can entirely specialize in what she has competitive advantage of without concentrating on what is not good, since she can get this from trading with another country which has specialized in what she doesn’t have competitive advantage of.

Secondly, as it can currently be seen international trade has strengthened the relationship between trading countries, for example U.S. And China have been able to foster a good relationship between them due to the partnership they have in trade. Thirdly international trade encourages mobility of factor of production like labor and capital thus development among trading countries; African countries have greatly benefitted from international trade in this manner since developed countries have helped them with capital and experienced workforce from their countries.


Major world economies have accused China of playing unfair in the international trade since it has been observed that they engage in tactics that are aimed at depreciating their currency while currencies of other major world economies are deemed to be of high value. With China low-valued currency their exports will be perceived as cheap as compared to their trading partners hence they are in better position to export more than other countries. If China could give into pressure and appreciate the value of their currency, a level playing field could be attained where no country has unfair advantage over the other.


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