Digital Marketing on the Internet

Although the work required at a nail salon may seem very ‘hands on’ (no pun intended) my job utilizes the information and resources available in the virtual as well as the real world. For example, when I design and print flyers and posters for the salon, I use the web’s network navigation capacities to research new articles about consumer behavior. I study online trade publications and the websites of product vendors around the beauty world to see what consumers are looking for in the industry, according to projected web advertising metrics and models of future demand.

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A also do online market research about new technologies, prices of supplies, and prices of the treatments we offer in regards to our competitors every week. This may involve consulting online auctions, B2B auctions and websites of other local salons. I also use email to negotiate with suppliers get the best price and will contact vendors about new products they may be offering in the future if I see a product I think will become a hot, must-use item.

A post ads on websites and email coupons and referrals special price to frequent and new customers as part of our E-Tailing model. Web promotions as well as direct emails are a critical part of our marketing, and I am careful to select reputable websites with designs likely to attract our target demographic of consumer and which generate a high number of online ‘hits’ due to the site’s choice of content.

In the future, I hope to directly integrate our services with the salon’s own website. Revenue can be generated by advertising the products of local suppliers, and linking to these sites on our own website. This website will create a sense of personalized attention, even off-site, as users can give feedback to the salon through the site, and feel a sense of community with the salon and other customers. In future, I intend to use web to enable consumers to look at and learn about new colors and treatments even before they arrive in the store. I also hope to generate emails and notifications specifically based upon the customer’s past services at the salon. This will also be part of the personalized nature of the website.

A final, critical component of the site will involve consumers being able to book appointments online, given that ease of use and time-saving are critical concerns of the salon’s target demographic.