Counseling Session

Counselling Session

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Counseling Session in the Form of a Dialogue
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Counseling Session in the Form of a Dialogue

Every counseling process involves exchange of information and shows the clients that the counselor cares about them. The counseling process should include both aspects of emotions and facts. Therefore how the counselor talks and listens is just as important as what he says. The ultimate goal of a counselor is to provide an appropriate solution to the clients and to satisfy them. Every counseling session is a setting where two lives intersect. The key to successfully work towards a common goal is about showing respect and interest in learning about one another. This essay is based on a counseling session in the form of a dialogue between me and my client.

Counseling Session in the Form of a Dialogue

Listening is a skill that requires continuous practice. Counseling sessions are based on hearing and understanding the clients. Professional counselors are good listeners and they exercise some skills such as they are attentive, concentrate on the client, don’t interrupt, reflect feelings, give nonverbal feedback and summarize the problem. The purpose of writing this essay is to come up with an effective one time counseling session in the form of dialogue and to pin point the emotions and issues of my client of which she is not aware.

The Counseling Session with a Pretty Girl

“Mrs. Smith, how many clients are left in the waiting room?” I asked my P.A on the phone. “Just one, should I send her in?” she questioned me back. “Yes, yes, send her in my room immediately.” After a minute I saw a pretty girl standing near the door of my room.

“Come in please, don’t hesitate.” I greeted her warmly. “Thank you.” she smiled with a fear. Slowly she stepped in my room and sat on the chair. “What’s your name?” I asked her with a smile, as I had realized that she is scared while interacting with me. “Jennet, My name is Jennet Paul.” Very slowly she spoke her name; I felt she was nervous and immediately I made my mind that this counseling session would take long. “Wow! That’s a lovely name! So Jennet would like to have a cup of tea or coffee with some yummy chocolate cookies? See it is almost 6pm and I would like to enjoy this lovely weather while having a cup of tea or coffee with you; and then we can discuss your problem as well. What you say?” I opened the blinds of my window, the view was good outside and I thought this would make Jennet feel comfortable.

“Yes, I would like to have a cup coffee with you.” Jennet replied in a clear voice. Her facial expressions seemed a little better than before. “Good!” I smiled back to her and asked Ms. Smith on the phone to bring two cups of coffee with chocolate cookies after ten minutes. During my conversation with Ms. Smith I observed that Jennet was rubbing her hands as if she was preparing herself for the counseling session. May be she did not realize that the counseling session had already begun.

“Yes Jennet, can be begin now?” I tried to be polite as much as possible. “Yeah sure”; she was ready to speak now. “Actually I am student of geology and I am 21 years old. I have a boyfriend; his name is David. We have been sharing this relationship for the last three years. He has been my classmate since when I was in class six; we later became good friends. He proposed me three years back and since then we have been together. He truly loves me and we are very happy to share this love bond with one another,” Jennet explained her love relationship. “You are very lucky Jennet that you have such a loving boyfriend. Do your parents know about your relationship?” I questioned her in a gentle voice. “Yeah, but they just know that David and I are very close friends and they have an idea that we might marry each other in coming years as we share a good friendship. Basically my parents are very strict and religious. They don’t want me to get into any relationship until I complete my graduation. They have always wanted me and my siblings to first focus on our studies; however they never objected on our friendships but indirectly they keep on reminding us our religious and social norms.” Jennet explained her parents’ religious point-of-view. “That’s pretty fair Jennet, they are your parents and they are leading you in the right direction,” I spoke in a supporting voice. “So you or David has any objection with that?” I questioned her. “No, David really likes my family. We decided to hide our relationship from them until we stand on our own feet. I wanted to tell my family that I am interested in David once they’ll want me to get married with a good guy and to settle down. But now there is a big problem,” Jennet started to look scared again. In a very low voice she spoke, “I have become pregnant.” My eyes widely opened but immediately I realized that Jennet is my client and I have to understand her. “Oh! I see! So you are scared and confused to take a decision. Okay!! I understand. Umm, you are scared that how are you going to tell your parents and what will be their reaction. Hmmm,” I summarized Jennet’s issue myself. “Yes,” said Jennet. “I have told David. He asked me that we should get married immediately and then to tell our parents. On the other hand I wanted to go for an abortion, as I know my parents are very strict and religious. Umm, I also don’t want to hurt my parents neither I want to spoil David’s image in their eyes. Are you getting my point? David truly loves me and he is ready to take the responsibility. Also he does not want to put my health to any risk of abortion. I guess he does not want to lose his baby.” Jennet seemed confused. In the mean time Ms. Smith entered my room and served the coffee and cookies.

While having coffee I stayed quiet for five minutes and revised whatever Jennet just told me and focused on a few facts. “Jennet will you be visiting me again?” I asked her so I could know the time I have to conclude the session. “I don’t think so, because I and David have to take a decision as soon as possible. I would be great full if you could make this a one-time session,” she requested me. “Yes, it is possible, if you agree to do as I suggest you” I said in a gentle tone. “Yes of course,” she said peacefully.

“Look Jennet, your pregnancy could spoil your relationship with David and with your family if you will not handle the situation smartly. See, as you stated that David and you love each other truly and also he is ready to take the responsibility of the child, in fact he wants to own you and the child just because he is honest with you. On the other hand you want to go for an abortion. Jennet I would suggest you to inform your parents about your pregnancy and not to go for the abortion. You and David should tell your parents together and also inform them that you both are ready to marry each other. Are you getting my point?” I asked her and she looked extremely confused. “But why should I not go for an abortion?” “I am not suggesting you an abortion for two reasons. According to an article on, a study of the medical records of 56,741 California medicated patients revealed that women who had abortions were 160% more likely than delivering women to be hospitalized for psychiatric treatment in the first 90 days following abortion or delivery.” I explained her in simple words then I showed her a statistical analysis. “See, have a look at this figure of Rate of Hospitalization after Abortion compared to Childbirth=1.0 at”

“Also abortion increases the mortality rate in women. When you are telling me yourself that David does not want to lose this child then why you want an abortion? Look Jennet, I understand that it is difficult to inform your parents therefore I want you to inform them along with David. Ask David to assure them that how much he loves you and also that he will happily and whole-heartedly take care of you and your child.” “Yes you are right, David will always support me,” she said happily. “Thank you so much, you saved me from doing a sin. My mom dad will forgive me, I know. I and David will convince them. I will not lose this child, who is a symbol of our love. Thank you, thank you so much. David never wanted to risk my life.” Jennet made her mind immediately. I was glad to see a happy look on her face. I hugged her and wished her best of luck. I knew that she and David will overcome their problem in a smart way. I felt a sign of peace on her face while she was leaving my room. Finally the counseling session ended up successfully.


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