Business Management and Organizational Behavior

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Business Management and Organizational Behavior
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It seems that according to the and the my type is INTJ — Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging. There scores for each of the test’s dimensions are: Introverted — 33%, Intuitive — 12%, Thinking — 12%, and Judging — 78%. I can say that I enjoyed taking this test and I was quite curious about the results. Some of the results clearly define parts of my personality, but I was quite surprised by other parts of these results.

For example, although I do not necessarily consider myself of being an extraverted person, I did not expect the test to consider that I am a moderately expressed introvert. This probably means that my opinion about myself does not entirely match the expressed reality. Also, the test revealed that I have a strongly expressed judging personality. Although I tend to organize aspects in my life and work, I did not expect such a high score. The test also revealed that I have a slightly expressed thinking personality, the score in this personality dimension seems too low in comparison with I and others think. However, the intuitive personality score did not surprise me.

Also, according to the results of the test, the careers recommended for the are: computer programming, natural science, natural science education, engineering, management, entrepreneurship, law, and librarian. I must say I agree with most of the recommended careers. I am interested in a business management career, and the results of the test and the recommendations prove that the career choice in this case is a correct one. However, there are aspects that I must work on, that I must improve, in order to be able to successfully practice my managerial skills.

According to the MBTI test interpretation, there are some aspects that recommend me for a management career, but there are also some areas that need improvement. For example, the fact that I am calm and in control helps me make good decisions based on analyzing the facts of a situation, rather than relying on emotions or factors that cannot be controlled. In my opinion, such characteristics are very important for managers. Also, I am interested in theoretical aspects, in identifying patterns and innovation oriented, which is extremely useful for entrepreneurs. I am logical and critical in work situations, which allows me to correctly assess various situations.

I am systematic, I enjoy making plans, developing schedules and procedures, I have a structured and strategic thinking. These are characteristics that managers must have, given the importance of the planning process within companies. I am interested in identifying the advantages and disadvantages of a situation before making a decision.

However, this type of personality reveals that I must improve my communication skills. This is because I have the tendency to reveal only part of my emotions or reactions with others, although I with others. In addition to this, my conflict management skills must be improved, because according to the test it seems I tend to focus on numerous aspects when managing conflicts, instead of taking action.

The test is useful for anyone who wants to improve their skills. I learned several aspects about myself that I was unable to observe before taking the test. This is because this test is able to identify certain issues that are less expressed and, therefore, are more difficult to identify and to analyze. I learned that I must improve my communication skills and to to conflict management techniques. This is also useful in identifying suitable careers and in determining the skills that must be tempered or improved in order to be able to better address the tasks and activities in the workplace.