Business Cycles and Economic Outlook

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Business Cycles and Economic Outlook Paper
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Critique Briggs’s management of the first meeting. What, if anything, should she have done differently?

Given that the meeting was related to events planning, selecting an ambient place, where people could relax and relate to one another in a comfortable manner, should have been a priority. A cafeteria is noisy and prone to distractions. A conference room would have been ideal, and this slightly but not overly formal setting would also have established Brigg’s authority over the project to some degree, without stifling discussion and the icebreaking process. Contacting everyone by phone or email on the day of the meeting also created an , and should have been done earlier, in a more systematic fashion.

What barriers is she likely to encounter in completing this project?

Not everyone is equally interested in events planning, or committed to the purpose of the project. Some people have been sent there simply to fill spaces, or because their department does not need them at the moment. Rather than ask them to tell the group about themselves, Briggs could also have asked what skills they hoped to bring to the project, or about potential conflicts they foresee regarding their ability to , as some of the individuals are in ‘crazily’ overworked departments, or will be away from the office for substantial parts of the project planning.

3. What can she do to overcome these barriers?

Effective scheduling is necessary to manage the logistical details of planning the event. However, it is also necessary that everyone have a clear idea and common vision of why the party is being planned, and what is being celebrated. At the next meeting, some of the people who were at the company for a long time can talk about their involvement with the company like the ‘rough times’ they experienced early on during the organization’s early years. The individuals with the most interest in event planning can talk about their ideas about what makes a quality event, and even the least committed members of the team can share with others what made other events they have attended in the past ‘work,’ what new things they would like to try, and also what working for the company means to them and how they would like to celebrate these values. Ideally, everyone should draw from one another’s strengths, interests, and aptitudes.

4. What should she do between now and the next meeting?

By the next meeting, Briggs should solicit over email the exact availability of different members, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, and areas of expertise. She should come ready to create a structured time table and to allocate specific tasks, as well as a clear vision of what she thinks the event should resemble, and the values it should celebrate. Of course, since it is only the second meeting, she must be open to listen to others, and to incorporate their suggestions and input into the plan.