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This memo addresses some of the areas in which improvements appear possible in the , which has recently come under my management. Since taking this position 90 days ago, I have observed, taken notes and discussed the activities assigned to the Director of Strategic Planning in my division and have found she is a very effective strategic manager. She has brought $40 million into our division. Jacqueline Harris, however, has communications problems, which have been noted by her co-workers, prevented the expansion of her responsibilities, and thwarted her advancement.

I would like to recommend that Jacqueline meet with me to discuss her future. She has the potential of being a superior section manager, yet has managed to alienate many of her co-workers by her insensitivity to their problems and feelings. She appears to be unaware of her overwhelming assertiveness and blames her stagnant position in the company on her colleagues, including myself, whom she says are prejudiced against her because of her race. This is a very delicate situation and one which I believe can be corrected.

I would like to suggest training Jacqueline to take a higher corporate position by sending her to a series of sensitivity workshops and communication classes. I believe that she is highly intelligent, willing to advance in learning and if approached with sensitivity and appreciation of her skills, would take advantage of this opportunity. I intend to propose she take these steps and train for senior management in a meeting with her, and would hope you would approve of this and the following:

It has been pointed out to me and I have noted the lack of women and minorities in management position in my division and feel that not only would it be a good personal relations plan, but it would be a wise move on the part of the company to institute a policy to support the advancement, through business and communications education, of all genders and races into the management area. As we may hope to avoid future suits concerning gender and and policies, I believe it would be a good idea to institute a program of . This would also solve some of the cultural diversity problems which have been noted in this division. Many other corporations have such a policy concerning educational advancement and I feel it would be to our advantage to institute such a policy company-wide.

Thank you for hearing me out on this crucial problem which I .


As a new officer in your administration, I would like to commend you on the hard work and dedication to Oak Brook Medical Systems which I have observed in each one of you.

With this letter I am proposing an offer to any employee of Oak Brook Medical Systems – Hospital Supply Division (OBMS-HSD) the opportunity to train for senior management. The corporation has always and will continue to support any employee willing to take accredited courses in business management, with the goal of advancing in the corporation. These courses will help in developing proper management and communication skills for interaction on the upper management level.

To introduce this new policy being implemented in this division, I will meet with anyone who feels they would like to take advantage of such an offer by this corporation.

Please call my secretary or e-mail me for an appointment.


John Doe,

Vice President of Hospital Supply Division