PRODUCT, PRICE, PROMOTION, PLACE ) OF SINGAPORE AIRLINES & #8230;focus on Product ( brand, service quality, service excellence ) .Why product ( brand, service quality, service excellence) price, promotion, place of Singapore Airlines is important ?


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Singapore Airlines is a that combines a high-level product with excellent flight service. As of 2011, SIA possessed 108 modern passenger planes (mostly Boeing 777 (PRESSWIRE, 2005) whose average age was six years and three months (Singapore Airline, 2012). SIA has, accordingly, achieved the reputation of possessing one of the world youngest fleet of aircraft (PRESSWIRE, 2005). SIA is a member of Star Alliance. She is also the first airline company to internationally operate the world’s largest passenger aircraft called Airbus A380 that is comfortably equipped to cater to its passengers’ needs.

SIA has also diversified into aircraft handling and engineering .Meanwhile, her subsidiary, SilkAir, operates local flights with smaller planes. Another subsidiary, Singapore Airlines Cargo, operated her freighter fleet as well as managing the cargo capacity in SIA’s regular service.

SIA has a 49% share in Virgin Atlantic and also helps that airline manage some of its routes. She is ranked among the 15 top carriers worldwide in terms of passenger revenues and is ranked 10th for international carriers . In 2010, the International Air Transport Association reported SIA to be the second largest airline in the world with a worth of 14 billion U.S. dollars (Mutzabaugh, 2010).

Singapore Airlines divides its passengers into three classes; There are the first class passengers mostly business professionals and male, 25 to 45 years old who earn upwards from $50,000 per annum. The business class section are divided between business and leisure purposes, are mostly male and average 32 years in age, whilst economy class passengers span all genders, ages, and socio-economic levels and travel mostly for leisure


Fares on SIA are moderate can competitive reflecting the average cost of airfare. Tickets are expensive for First Class and Business Class but affordable for Economy Class with SIAS offering the frequent deals. Economy Class passengers often pay off only 8.5% of the First Class fare and 14% off Business Fare, while the Business Class fare is 60.7% reduced from First Class. In the meantime, First Class receive quality service for their money.


SIA employs differentiated market targeting each of their particular passenger classes according to quintessential profession, needs, requirements of traveling, and character.

SIA also offers its loyal customers a Frequent Flier program, such as KrisFlyer and PPS Club, that has become quite popular its main positioning strategy and symbol which it has become synonymous to is its icon and flight attendants – the Singapore Girl — which has become its marketing brand image. The Singapore Girl (with attendants dressed in Malay Sarong Kebaya redesigned by Christophe Galibert in 2008) has become the icon of excellence, quality, hostess care and concern, and overall efficacy and comfort of the airline. Rather than using traditional marketing communitarian, SIA relies on its Singapore Girl to do the job. It does this by manipulating the image of the traditional Asian female and expropriating it to its own use. The airline, therefore, associates itself to the traditional Asian women positioning itself, accordingly, as being charming, graceful, sensuous, and attractive (Chan, 2000). Its motif “Singapore Airlines — A Great Way to Fly,” disseminated and promoted in both online and off line media (including social media, TV commercial, and print) has become associated with the historical Asian tradition of class, quality, and gentility.

As of 2007, the airline has employed USA-based advertising agent TBWA to manage its creative advertising

SIA’s specialty and promotion are focused on quality and excellent customer service that is delivered in an innovative and caring manner.(Smith, 2005). As an example of their excellent customer service, SIA, for instance, recognizes the contemporary trend and need for speed and immediate response. They, therefore, provide streamlined personal check-in services that enable passengers to detour the hassle and long waits of regular travel process. These personal check-in services are supported by self-service check-in facility or can be accessed online.

SIA also serves each of its passengers, regardless of class, gourmet food in a friendly courteous manner . Coincern is taken with details. cocktails, fine wines, and in-flight movies are also offered free of charge.

Not sparing expense on technology in order to meet their needs and supply their customers with the latest comfort, SIA still manages to operate on attractive price, offering their customers deals that are comparable to those of budget airlines in the United States and Europe.

Their other prong of promotion rests on their innovation. SIA has, for instance, premiered the innovative Raffles Class Space Bed which provides passengers with needed restoration and comfort; the comfort of their seating provisions exceed those of most major airlines (Presswire, 2005).


Singapore Airlines (SIA) is the flag carrier airline of Singapore. It operates hub airports in Singapore Changi Airport and has a strong presence in Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and the “kangaroo route.” Together with its subsidiary, SilkAir, it has a stronger presence in the Southeast Asian region than any other Southeast Asian airline. The company also , including two of the world’s longest non-stop commercial flights. (Singapore Airline Annual Report, 2011). The airline, in short, connects over 89 destinations around the world including Asia, Middle East, North America, Europe and Australia. It services more than 35 countries on six continents (Singapore Airline,2012).


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