It is clear that promotions by popular personalities directly refer to advertising to young individuals as they are the only persons likely to be affected by such advertising. This happens as the young tend to define themselves by wearing clothes of particular types, using jargon, claiming various experiences which may or may not be true, having hairstyles in particular ways and finally by keeping themselves within fixed groups. This is probably a clear indication that the persons growing up is trying to find out himself or herself through different stimuli that they are seeking outside, and this is not provided by the individual himself or herself. This leads to images from the general culture and understanding form the basis outside of oneself that leads to the formation of their benchmarks for their own judgments about thoughts, opinions and associates. This makes most of them form an identity which is in general agreement with the images that are thrown up by pop culture. (Teen Icons: Cultural Images and Adolescent Behavior)

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These images of the popular stars are viewed as being the level to which everybody wants to go to. Thus those are also the norms which they want to attain. There are also popular figures like P.Diddy, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez who form a sort of a brand for the creation of those norms. These to the sale of some brands directly as also some brands of clothing that are accepted by a beyond the limits reached by products which have their names written on those products. It can be said that they are also their own name brands. As a result they can sell magazines, capture very large audiences and have very through their personal popularity.

When individuals associate themselves with any brand or the image of a brand, it also changes their own identity to some extent, and that is related to the acceptance by the society of that brand. This is seen when they wear an article of clothing said to have been made by GAP or listen to music from Eminem, in turn, they are creating a brand of themselves. Celebrities have three qualities that lead to their establishment of their position in society and these are property, power and prestige. Having the first two, leads to the possession of the third. This happens because people believe that these people are able to purchase whatever they want, are able to capture large audiences, begin any change that they want to, and get large contracts for endorsement from big companies. These are the images that are reflected in the media. In turn the media pays great attention to the places the celebrities move about and that also increase their social status. They are like salespersons. They are not directly trying to change the views of the average persons, but indirectly changing their thoughts. This is seen through their endorsements, press interviews, apparel worn by them in public, items said to be favored by them, products branded after them and the overall brand images created by them. During the entire process they are also able to create a sort of stickiness, and this happens due to the emphasis they give on the products. (Teen Icons: Cultural Images and Adolescent Behavior)

Yet every country has its laws in this aspect, and one should carefully note that before using celebrities to promote and endorse products. Spain has certain laws in this regard, even though they are mainly applicable to the purpose of children. With regard to the children’s magazines a character which has linkages to the content of the magazine or of any article which is published in the magazine, cannot be used with the intention to promote products, prizes or services which are published in the same magazine. It is also to be noted that all personal support need to highlight the experiences and the common beliefs of the person which are defending them. However popular and public persons in the form of presenters or witnesses could be utilized to endorse a product till the time they are not identified by way of their profession with such product or service. Further a person, who provides support to an article or product by indirect or direct means as an expert, should possess the necessary qualifications to promote the view of his support. (Advertising to Children as Such in Spain)


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